This page contains titles written for mixed or unusual instrumentation.

Willamette Jubilee

By: Kathryn Edom
Time:  7:40
Chamber – Gamelan Ensemble – angklung gamelan

No Sticks

By: Kathryn Edom
Time:  7:45
Chamber – Trio (Percussion Ensemble – Hand Drums)
Price:  $15.00


By: Kathryn Edom
Time:  8:20
Chamber – Duet (Vibraphone and Harp)


By: Glenn Disney
Time:  4:10
Chamber – Duet (Marimba and Flute)

Fractional State

By: Glenn Disney
Time:  6:25
Chamber – Flute, Clarinet, Vibes, Piano, Violin, Cello


By: Kari Kreiter
Time:  4:00
Chamber – Trio (Tenor, Violin, Piano)

Purple Fork

By: Sam Rabourn
Time:  1:31
Grade:  2
Duet – Piano, Flute

Lace Rain

By: Sam Rabourn
Time:  4:08
Grade:  4
Chamber – Nonet (Mixed Instrumentation)

Spiritualis Per Duo

By: Sam Rabourn
Time:  5:04
Grade:  4
Price:  $16.00
Duet – Flute, Marimba


By: Adriano Banchieri
Arr: Gary Dilworth
Time:  2:15
Grade:  3

Three Poems of Shelley

By: Kari Kreiter
Time: 5:30
Grade: Advanced
Mixed Chamber: Soprano (voice) and Wind Quintet

Mystic Forest

By: Kari Kreiter
Time: 9:00
Grade: 6
Mixed Trio: French Horn, Euphonium, Vibraphone