Full Circle

By: Brian Aguilar
Time: 5:00
Grade: 5

Mysterious, driving, and exotic. Full Circle is perfect if you are looking for something that has that middle eastern flare, highly aggressive, and challenges in each section.


By: Brian Aguilar
Time: 4:25
Grade: 4

Equilibrium: the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts.

A New Way to Ride

By: Brian Aguilar
Time: 4:45
Grade: 4

“He didn’t reinvent the wheel so much as he showed us a new way to ride.” – John Adams on Steve Reich

Old Coyote

By: Brian Aguilar
Time: 2:00
Grade: 3

The name “Very old coyote” conveyed positive meanings for the Aztec populace; coyotes were an Aztec symbol of astuteness and worldly-wisdom, pragmatism and male beauty and youthfulness


By: Brian Aguilar
Time: 4:00
Grade: 2

You’ll need a good battle plan when you square off against your Nemesis!


By: Brian Aguilar & Joshua Luedtke
Time: 4:50
Grade: 4

This inspiration and powerful show is a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and the countless others who have struggled for equality, freedom, and peace.


Arranged by: Brian Aguilar
Time: 4:50
Grade: 4

The music of Ludwig van Beethoven takes center stage in this popular and highly musical indoor percussion show.

In The Library

By: Brian Aguilar
Time: 5:35
Grade: 4

“What an astonishing thing a book is, one glance at it and you’re inside the mind of another person…” – Carl Sagan

Three Poems of Shelley

By: Kari Kreiter
Time: 5:30
Grade: Advanced
Mixed Chamber: Soprano (voice) and Wind Quintet

Based on three poems from English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Mystic Forest

By: Kari Kreiter
Time: 9:00
Grade: 6
Mixed Trio: French Horn, Euphonium, Vibraphone

A solitary walk through a mysterious place.

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