We want to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible!

There is a form attached to each piece on the site. Complete and submit that form, then we will generate an invoice (or proposal) for you as soon as possible and send it to your email address.

The vast majority of the sale price goes to our composers and arrangers, a truly different approach than you will find at almost every other publisher or distributor. Your purchase goes to support the artists that create, not any corporations.

We accept Checks, Credit Card payments, or School PO’s for the music sold through this site. Theoretically, we are willing to take gold bullion, barter for live-stock, or negotiate other alternative forms of payment, but thus far we’ve found that most people are happy with one of the standard methods of payment. 🙂

The files will be sent via electronic file-sharing once payment is confirmed (or verified school PO is received). There is no physical product that exchanges hands.

If you require documentation to demonstrate rights to perform, record, etc, we are happy to provide you with this.

Most of our full field shows, field show individual pieces, and indoor percussion pieces are sold with limited licenses to perform. This means that you can keep copies of the music for your library, but you will only have a specific window of time in which you may perform the music. If you plan to perform the piece again in the future, please contact us to relicense the piece (there is a small fee to relicense). The licensing will your secure your exclusive rights to the piece within your area or circuit.

You can always contact us for any reason with your questions. We are here to help you!

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