By: Noah Clark
Time:  4:15
Grade:  2
Price:  $575.00

This show for the novice percussion ensemble takes you through an day in the rainforest. A Day in Paradise begins with water dripping and the rhythmic sounds of the animal kingdom stirring at dawn. A celebration of life in paradise becomes interrupted by the harsh realities of human interference and a changing climate. But the sun will rise again. Hope and resiliency remain triumphant at the end of this beautiful performance.

A Day in Paradise MP3       A Day In Paradise Score Sample


Tenors, quints
5 Basses
Marching Cymbals (unison
2 Marimbas
2 Vibraphones
2 Glockenspiel/ Auxiliary Percussion
Bass Guitar
2 Synthesizer/ Auxiliary Percussion
2 Auxiliary Percussion

(originally written as custom show. any new orchestration/part adjustments can be made in a timely manner with purchase.)