By: Glenn Disney
Time:  4:10
Chamber – Duet (Marimba and Flute)
Price:  $20.00

AFS was written for percussionist Marilyn Clark Silva. The piece is written roughly in ABA form, with each section distinguished by the notes that are used. The ‘A’ section utilizes the notes C-D-Eb-F-G-B, while the contrasting ‘B’ section uses the notes C#-E-F#-G#-A-Bb (or enharmonic equivalents). Thus the two sections collectively utilize all 12 chromatic tones. The two hexachords are only intermixed once – in the two-bar transition from the ‘A’ section into the ‘B’ section (the flute plays D and G# here, the marimba B and F#). The initial statements from each instrument form the basis of the melodic material for the whole piece, and are varied and restated throughout the work.

AFS mp3          AFS Score Sample



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