By:  Walter Hunt
Time:  2:15
Grade:  1.5
Price:  $25.00

Tachanka is the Russian word for tank. In the battle against Napoleon, the Russian peasants mounted cannons on farm wagons to quickly move them to the battlefield. This helped the Russians defeat Napoleon’s army and they created this folksong in celebration. This grade 1.5 arrangement uses percussion to represent the sounds of the horses. The low brass represents the sounds of the wagon. There is a short percussion battle with the bass drum playing the part of the cannon.

Tachanka mp3          Tachanka Score Sample


Clarinet 1
Clarinet 2
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet/Baritone TC
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
French Horn
Trombone/Baritone BC
Percussion (3)


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