By: Brian Aguilar
Time:  4:25
Grade:  4
Price:  $595.00

Equilibrium: the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts. This show takes the audience through a variety of different struggles between balances and imbalances, represented by consonant/dissonant harmonies, even/odd meters, and major/minor modalities. Can your unit achieve ultimate balance?

Commissioned by Mr. Paul Everts for Dublin High School (Dublin, CA) in the Winter of 2013.

Equilibrium MP3       Equilibrium Sample Score


Tenors (Quints)
5 Bass Drums
Marching Cymbals
Marimba 1, 2
Vibraphone 1, 2
Bass Guitar
Synth 1, 2
Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2, 3