By: Brian Aguilar
Time:  2:00
Grade:  3
Price:  $55.00

In Aztec mythology, Huehuecóyotl is the auspicious god of music, dance, mischief and song of Pre-Columbian Mexico. He is depicted as a dancing coyote with human hands and feet, accompanied by a human drummer. The name “Very old coyote” conveyed positive meanings for the Aztec populace; coyotes were an Aztec symbol of astuteness and worldly-wisdom, pragmatism and male beauty and youthfulness. He is a trickster, capable of reversals and pranks, often cruel ones. Huehuecoyotl’s tricks are often played on other gods but frequently backfire and cause more trouble for himself than the intended victims. He is a great party-giver, but also alleged to foment wars between humans to relieve his boredom.

Old Coyote was commission by Mr. Matt Mackey and composed for Franklin High School (Elk Grove, CA) in Fall 2012.

Old Coyote MP3       Old Coyote Score Sample


5 Bass Drums
Marching Cymbals
Bells 1, 2
Xylo 1, 2
Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2, 3