By: William Gantt
Time:  5:07
String Orchestra
Grade: 2.5/3 (Med)
Price:  $50.00

“While teaching for 33 years in high school, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach in the arts. Instrumental Music to be specific. While doing so, noticed some very obvious signs from many
generations of students. In general, they simply do not know what they want to do. They are placed in an institution in hopes of discovering something they might be interested in. Meanwhile, taking those core classes that will give them the scaffolding to pursue their unknown interests.

“This piece starts out as that, unknown student. As it develops, the student seems to discovers an “interest” and starts getting motivated, and begins down that pathway of discovery. Bridging where they are and where they would like to be. Now that I’m retired, this composition encompasses “everyone” at all ages.

“This was written for the Vintage High School String Orchestra. Simply to leave behind a “Thank you” to my Orchestra and wish them luck to their future in hopes that THEY will find their interests and passion.” – William Gantt

Pathway mp3          Pathway Score Sample


Violin I
Violin II
Violin III
Double Bass