By: Brian Aguilar
Time:  6:00
Grade:  6
Price:  $650.00

I remember looking through a Kaleidoscope as a child and being instantly transported to what appeared to be an alternate reality where patterns and colors morphed in amazing and unusual ways. Aim the scope at different objects to pick up the different blend of colors and create more and more variation.

Taking the basic concept of color, Kaleidoscope is written in 4 major sections, each titled with a different color. Starting with a blank visual palette, the introduction is highlighted right away by a pit driven accelerando, followed by an aggressive first statement from the battery. Yellow is the first color revealed and features the cymbal section. Green follows with a more angular and uplifting feel and highlights the snare line. The third color is Blue, the highlight of which are 2 extended and highly musical bass line features. Red takes us through a groove-laden section that highlights the tenor line. The show concludes with a section in which all colors are on display for one final phrase.

Following the idea of a blank (or all-black) visual palette and revealing each color throughout the show (on props and/or uniforms) is the suggested visual concept, but feel free to let your mind take you and the show anywhere you can visualize!

Composed originally for Fairfield HS (Fairfield, CA) in 2007, this show has been revised for distribution on (2019).

Kaleidoscope mp3          Kaleidoscope Score Sample


Tenors (Quints)
Bass Drums (5)
Marching Cymbals (unison)
Marimba 1, 2, 3
Vibraphone 1, 2, 3
Synth 1, 2
Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2

The show does rely on alternate timbres created by utilizing different implements for the snare and tenor line, mounting a ribbon-crasher on each snare, a cowbell on each tenor, suspended cymbals for all mallet parts, and using a wide variety of auxiliary percussion instruments including two sections with important, yet not too complicated conga parts. A cymbal line with multiple performers is a must. Both synth parts are instrumental and need to be covered. The timpani part is not necessary but added as an option for you.