By: Brian Aguilar
Time:  4:10
Grade:  2
Price:  $575.00

Foreverland is a look into the lives of children stricken with a fatal illness.  Although this is a heavy topic, the story is one of hope and strength.  Following the introduction, Foreverland moves into “The Children,” a section representing the innocence and youth of childhood.  Dark, dissonant moments creep into the music as the illness begins stealing childhood away.  The terror of the illness and the unknown future it holds drives the next section, “Nightmares.”  The fourth section is “Preparing to Cross Over,” a representation of acceptance and reflection as the inevitability of the situation sinks in.  With the final section, “Foreverland,” we cross over into the afterlife, bringing with it some residual fear and trepidation, but also sense of glory, hope, and light.

There is one tricky ensemble section between 2:50-3:15 with an accelerando followed by a metric modulation.  Not crazy hard, but this section is probably Grade 3.

Composed for Amy Anderson and Rosedale MS (Bakersfield, CA)

Foreverland mp3         Foreverland Sample Score              


Tenors (Quints)
Bass Drums (5)
Marching Cymbals (unison)
Marimba 1, 2
Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2


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