By: Brian Aguilar
Time:  5:35
Grade:  5
Price:  $650.00

Impulse can be defined as a sudden, involuntary inclination prompting to action; or the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, etc. Both of these ideas are left in mind throughout the composition. The 5 main section are: Impulse, Altruism, Desire, Control, and Anger.

Commissioned by Mr. Matt Mackey and written for Jake Tuttle and Franklin HS (Elk Grove, CA).

Impulse MP3          Impulse Score Sample


Tenors (Sixes)
Bass Drums (5)
Cymbal Line
Xylophone 1
Marimba 1, 2, 3
Vibraphone 1, 2
Electric Guitar
Synth 1, 2, 3
Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2, 3