By: Glenn Disney
Time:  9:00
Solo – Clarinet
Price:  $20.00

This sonata is written in a traditional 3-movement format. The first movement, an Allegro, utilizes a lot of moving ascending chromaticism with phrasing that splits the measures, giving the piece a sense of continually moving forward. Nearly the full range of the clarinet is used, from low written F# to a double high G. The piano accompaniment is somewhat Hindemith-ian in its approach, but is contrasted by the lyrical clarinet line. The second movement, a ballad, is quite lyrical in both parts yet still fairly chromatic, presenting a feeling of longing as the clarinet line slowly works its way up the register from a written Middle C to a double high E, then back down again and dropping below Middle C a few times and ending somberly. The third movement is lively and in 5/8 meter, and still harmonically chromatic. Giving the feeling of a dance with a hiccup, the fast paced solo line provides more technical challenge for the clarinetist. The ascending running line at the end is reminiscent of the ending of the opening movement.

Movement 1 mp3          Movement 1 Score Sample

Movement 2 mp3          Movement 2 Score Sample

Movement 3 mp3          Movement 3 Score Sample


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