By: Michael Kitchens
Time:  11:35
Grade:  4
Price:  $70.00

Fantasy No. 1: For Winds and Percussion is a real adventure from start to fine. It is filled with colorful themes that are introduced early and are woven in and out of the ensemble with varying meter, texture, and timbre as different sections are given the thematic material. The woodwinds will delight in the flurry of notes here and there as if a magical wind had taken them to flight. The brass will flex their sonic muscles in the dominating middle section of the piece as they play in broad chorale –like textures and powerful open chord progressions. The percussion is ever present in the accents and attacks of the timpani, the flying ostinatos of the mallets and the driving force of the bass and snare drums. This piece is sure to take you on a fantastical journey of sound with its driving pulse and adventurous themes.

Fantasy mp3          Fantasy Score Sample


Bb Clarinet 1, 2, 3
Bass Clarinet
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax
Bb Trumpet 1, 2
F Horn 1, 2
Bass Trombone
Mallets 1, 2
Percussion 1, 2


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