By: Brian Aguilar
Time:  3:50
Grade:  2
Price:  $575.00

Robin Hood is the outlaw hero of English folklore.  Together with his band of Merry Men, Robin Hood tormented rich travelers who passed through Sherwood Forest, taking their riches and famously redistributing it to the poor.  There have been numerous variations and adaptations of the story over the last six hundred years.  The actual history of a real-life Robin Hood is not conclusively proven and has been debated for centuries.

The show is presented in 4 major parts, the first three sections are initiated by a solo snare drum, the fourth flowing directly from the third without break.

Part 1: “Sherwood Forest” is a representation of the enjoyment experienced by the Merry Men as they inhabit and patrol the forest.  The music in this movement is upbeat and fun.

Part 2: “The Sheriff of Nottingham” represents the notorious villain of the story.  The music in this movement is slower, dark and foreboding , and persistent.

Part 3: “Duel in the Castle” is my representation of the classic Errol Flynn fight scene in the 1938 movie.  The music in this movement is driven by the battery parts in a pseudo mixed meter (sounds like 5/8 at times, but is in 4/4).

Part 4: “The Return of King Richard” is the triumphant ending to the show as the Sheriff and Prince John are defeated by Robin Hood as the rightful ruler of the kingdom comes home.  The music in this movement is bright and richly scored.

Composed for Amy Anderson and Rosedale MS (Bakersfield, CA)

Robin Hood mp3          Robin Hood Score Sample


Snare Line
Tenor Line (Quints)
Bass Drum Line (5)
Marimba 1 (4.3 8va)
Marimba 2 (3.0 8va)
Synth 1
Auxiliary Percussion