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In 2012, I launched this site as a way for me to distribute my music without having to sign over all of the rights to the larger publishing houses.  The original domain was MMPerc.com, the site featured Indoor (Winter) Percussion and Street Percussion music solely.  Soon after launching the site, it occurred to me that I should offer the site to friends and colleagues for their use as well.  I decided on a model of an online consignment store where the composers and arrangers retain all of their rights to their musical creations, as well as the vast majority of the sale price.

Soon I found myself distributing the music of several other composers and arrangers, all original music or public domain arrangements.  At this point, the site moved well past percussion music into the realms of band, voice, chamber, and solo music.  At this time I decided to changed the domain name to MartianMusic.net so that it was a bit easier to remember and so that it didn’t necessarily indicate percussion music.

During the summer of 2018 the site went through some major changes due to hackers and some other actions beyond my control (a lousy and shady domain host in particular… but don’t get me started).  We switched hosts and redesigned the site from scratch.  I hope that you find the current version of the site easy to navigate and enjoyable.  Please let me know if there is something you think we can do better and we will definitely consider it!

-Brian Aguilar